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Tax Reform and Divorce

2017 Tax Reform has major changes for divorcing couples that affect many aspects of real estate & mortgage financing. Learn how to avoid these costly mistakes.

Selling the Marital Home

Selling the marital home is not your traditional real estate sale. Learn how to avoid legal issues and tax consequences as well as how to make the sale a smooth transaction for all parties.

The Mortgage Interest Deduction

Simply stating which spouse gets the mortgage interest deduction is wrong and may cause taxable income to the other spouse.

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Qualifying for a Mortgage After Divorce

Obtaining mortgage financing post divorce can be a nightmare without proper wording and structure in the final divorce settlement agreement. Set yourself up for success during the settlement process or risk getting denied future financing.

Buying Out Your Ex-Spouse's Equity

This is the #1 Lender Error – An Equity Buyout of your ex-spouse’s equity share can be very tricky and very costly when mistakes are made. Proper wording in the divorce settlement agreement is a Must Have!

Buying a New Home while still on Existing Mortgage

Yes, you can! Learn how to structure the wording in the divorce settlement in order to qualify for a new mortgage.


Jody Bruns, Author

No divorce is ever the same and therefore needs a strong professional divorce team.

Jody Bruns, President and Founder of the Divorce Lending Institute and the nationally recognized Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) Certification program, shares her expertise and knowledge when working with divorcing clients who own real estate with mortgage financing.

Jody has coached and trained over 500 mortgage and real estate professionals on how to build their divorce practice working with divorcing clients; divorce attorneys and other divorce professionals. She has helped thousands of divorcing clients and divorce professionals develop a successful final divorce settlement agreement involving both real estate and mortgage financing.

  • Certified Divorce Lending Professional
  • Licensed Real Estate Continuing Education Instructor
  • Certified Financial Planner Board (CFP) Approved Continuing Education Sponsor
  • Approved Legal Continuing Education Provider with multiple state bar associations
Set yourself up for success after the divorce is final.

“I have dedicated most of my professional career working in the divorce market and helping divorcing clients. It is very evident there is a strong disconnect as to how divorce law, tax law and real estate financing all relate during and after the divorce process and how the various pieces truly fit together from a team perspective. I am hopeful that you will find this book very informative and that it will help guide you through some of the obstacles typically faced with divorce and real estate as well as solutions to help set you up for success once the divorce is behind you.”

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What our readers have to say

Jody's book has helped attorneys, financial advisors, mediators and other divorce professionals, including real estate and mortgage professionals, who work with divorcing clients when divorce real estate and mortgage financing are involved. It clearly defines and offers solutions to the clash between family law, taxes, real estate and mortgage financing.

Jody, I was really impressed with your knowledge of divorce related mortgage issues and your general knowledge of the financial aspects of divorce.
C. Walsh
Jody's book is amazing! I never realized out overlapped the divorce process was when real estate was involved. Very concise, detailed and useful information. I now have a better understanding the wording of a MOU can affect my client's ability to obtain mortgage financing.
D. Grove
A TON of very useful information for my practice. Would absolutely recommend that all divorce professionals read this book!
J. Gonzalez
Attorney at Law
As a mortgage professional I thought I just needed to know the mortgage piece. I never realized how the mortgage can impact divorce and financial planning as well as how simple wording in the divorce settlement can impact a borrower's ability to get a mortgage.
E. Dell
Mortgage Banker

My wife and I were referred to Jody during our divorce process. Her knowledge and expertise were amazing. Jody helped us structure our separation agreement which enabled both of us to obtain the required mortgage financing to amicably separate. We owe her a huge thank you!

J. Neusima

Knowledge is Power and Power Produces Results!

Everything starts with a first step. This book is the first step towards a successful divorce.

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Divorce Professionals

You don't know what you don't know. When you have a strong understanding of the requirements for obtaining mortgage financing in a divorce situation along with the negative impact the wording in the divorce settlement agreement can have on your client's successful ability to obtain financing, you will be thankful you read this book and so will your clients!

Mortgage Professionals

Understanding mortgage guidelines is not enough when working with divorcing clients. You need to understand how the mortgage planning you structure can negatively impact the divorcing client. You are in a unique position to help the divorcing clients obtain mortgage financing yet in a position to negatively impact their financial, tax and legal positioning. Never assume a divorcing client's needs are similar to those of a traditional client's.

Divorcing Couples

If you are facing divorce and wondering how to sell or refinancing the marital home, buy a new home while still obligated on the current mortgage, avoid capital gains, moving into an existing rental property, this book is for you. Don't assume that your mortgage financing needs are anything similar to tradition mortgage financing. Divorce changes everything!

Real Estate Professionals

Every For Sale sign has a story behind it and not every story is a happy ending. As a real estate professional, you have a fiduciary responsibility when representing a client. However, when representing a divorcing client there are many more legal aspects that come into play. You need to know how to make sure your sale is legal, how to work with conflicting clients, how to navigate the divorce process. Don't risk your license or your commission!

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